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The longer you have a phone, the slower it sometimes feels. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do about it.

Most people will recognize the feeling: the longer you have a phone in your possession, the longer it seems that it is getting slower. “It is quite possible that it is not just in your head,” thinks Tweakerseditor Arnoud Wokke. He has been involved with smartphones for years.

In a nutshell, there are areas where a phone simply ‘wears out’, which you cannot do about it. Fortunately, this is possible in other areas. How it works exactly with your phone depends on what kind of device you have and how you use it.

Below we list what you can try to give your phone a speed boost, so that a new device may not be necessary for a while.

Tip 1: Go on an app diet

The most important and easiest tip Arnoud gives is to be strict with your apps. “Scroll through your app list and see what you really need. Everything that is not really necessary, you better throw it away. ”

He explains that apps on your phone can also use your phone’s computing power when they’re not open at all. For example, an app from a webshop can check in the background whether a new sale is coming. For example, they use the computing power of your phone without being asked. The same applies to extras such as animated live wallpapers; you better leave them out.

Tip 2: Free up space

The growing amount of photos and videos on your phone may be a problem. “A system needs at least a few gigabytes of free space to function properly.” When this problem occurs, you will usually be notified. “It is good to listen to that, it really does your phone well.”

Arnoud’s advice in this area: put your photos and certainly your videos in the cloud and delete them from your device, that saves a lot.

Tip 3: Nuke your phone

If all that is not enough, you can try the reset to factory settings, but according to Arnoud this is ‘the nuclear option’. This will erase everything on your phone and start again as if you just bought the phone.

The advantage of this is that everything that slows down your phone unnecessarily is gone, but so are all the apps that you would rather keep. If you are considering this, make sure you have backups of everything, because everything will be deleted.

Tip 4: Check your battery settings on iPhone

Finally, there is another tip for iPhone users: under the battery settings you can check whether your battery needs to be replaced. Here you can also see whether the performance of your phone is reduced if your battery is really weak. If so, replacing your battery is definitely a good idea.

Sometimes slowing down is inevitable

During the lifetime of your phone, it will be regularly updated with system updates. “These are always free, so there is no incentive for the manufacturer to invest a lot of time in them. So it can happen that a new version of the system is poorly optimized for your phone and makes it a bit slower, ”says Wokke.

Unfortunately nothing can be done about that. You can of course decline a system update for your phone, but that also includes security updates. At the bottom of the line, you run a security risk, otherwise you may end up with a slower phone. Arnoud advises against this.

App updates and lite versions

What is true for system updates is also true for apps. “These are of course tested on more recent phones, so the older your phone gets, the less it is taken into account”. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this: turning off app updates can be a security risk and in the long run a service can simply no longer work until you install an update.

Arnoud is not really pleased with lite versions of apps. “They often have fewer functions than the original versions, so that if you are a serious user, you can go back to the original.”

If you really go on a new device

When you look at a new device, there is a simple principle: faster phones are usually more expensive. Also inquire about the presence of bloatware on your future device. These are apps that come with your phone that you don’t necessarily want, but that you often can’t get rid of.

Fortunately, some telephone makers deliver fairly ‘bare’ devices, without that bloatware. According to Arnoud, anyone who really is looking for the best experience can look at Apple iPhones and Google’s Pixels. Those two companies are also known for optimizing their updates for their devices.

Phone slow? You can do this about it | Tech
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