Piet’s weather forecast for the next few days

Photo: Marleen Tammeleng, Dalfsen

Traffic Warning: Chance of local slippery conditions in the coming evenings, nights and mornings! Regional chance of fog and dense fog. During the day in showers with hail treacherous and sudden slipperiness.

Today a lot of clouds and showers or showers with a chance of hail and inland also wet snow. Also dry periods. During the day 4 to 7 degrees. Light to moderate wind from southwest to northeast. Tonight and the coming night (some) rain and a chance of sleet. Later more and more dry. Showers in the coastal areas and the IJsselmeer area. Maybe already with a thunderstorm. Tonight 0 to +3 degrees. Smoothness!

Dry weather prevailed

Lots of clouds on Sunday and a few showers or showers (possibly hail and sleet). The dry weather has by far prevailed. The sun is still shining, especially in the north. Especially in the coastal areas, the Wadden area and in the IJsselmeer area more showers and later also a chance of thunderstorms. During the day 4 degrees in the east and southeast to 7 degrees in the coastal areas. Wind from north to northwest, light or moderate. In the coastal areas to quite strong with gusts in force 6. In the evening and night, permanent showers in the coastal areas and on the Wadden. At night -1 to +3 degrees. Smoothness.

Monday still (winter) showers or showers and 5 to 8 degrees. Rain at night, chance of sleet and 0 to +5 degrees. Rain on Tuesday and less cold with an average of 8 or 9 degrees during the day. Wednesday rain and 9 or 10 degrees.

Piet’s weather forecast for the next few days
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