Piet’s weather forecast: stormy Wednesday –

Photo: Harry Boers, Maasland

Regular rain today. Also regular dry periods. This morning, especially in the north, a long period of dry weather. This afternoon first in the east. High temperatures of 9 and 10 degrees. Winds will be moderate to fairly strong from west to northwest, force 7 gusts. Tonight and into the night also rain and some drier periods. Heavy showers later tonight. A hard south-westerly with wind gusts in force 8 and 9!

stormy day

Wednesday rain and light rain with dry periods. Especially later in the afternoon a long period of dry weather. During the day no less than 10 or 11 degrees. It’s going to be a stormy day. The west to northwest wind is strong or hard with gusts of force 8 or 9. In the Wadden area there will be storm force 9 from the northwest with gusts of force 10 or 11.

In the evening the wind decreases to strong or hard and considerable dry periods. Clearing up in the night, still storms and the temperature goes back to 1 or 2 degrees. In the coastal areas 4 or 5 degrees.


A few showers and showers on Thursday, the sun will be added and the dry weather will prevail. During the day 6 or 7 degrees. Clearing up and 0 to +2 degrees in the evening and night. Rain later. Periodic rain on Friday and Saturday and 6 or 7 degrees during the day these days. In the night from Saturday to Sunday 0 or +1 degrees. Sunday the sun with 4 or 5 degrees and in the night 0 to -2 degrees. The light frost especially in the north and east.

Piet’s weather forecast: stormy Wednesday –
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