‘Pleasantly busy’ in nature reserves due to the autumn sun

Due to the sunny weather, people flock to the recreational areas. “It is pleasantly busy in most nature reserves,” says a spokesperson for Staatsbosbeheer.

It was even too busy in the Lage Vuursche nature reserve in Utrecht this afternoon: the access roads to the area were temporarily closed because the parking lot was too full, reports RTV Utrecht. The municipality of Baarn advised people to come to the area by bicycle or to enjoy the autumn sun somewhere else.

Staatsbosbeheer sees that it is almost always busy in nature on sunny weekend days in the autumn. “The deciduous forests start to change color and then many people go out. The recreational areas are in principle designed for this kind of crowds.” But last year there were regular problems due to the corona measures.

The spokesman says forest rangers are asking people to stay on the trails and disturb wildlife as little as possible. If you want to avoid the crowds, he says it is better to look for a lesser-known recreation area.

Winter in October

Sunny days like today are not exceptional in autumn, says weatherman Marco Verhoef. But it can also look very different in October. On October 24 in 2003 it snowed and a temperature of -8.5 was measured locally.

“The extremes are greater in spring and autumn. They are also more noticeable; a cold extreme can then produce snow, for example, while that does not work in summer and is less exceptional in winter.”

If you still want to enjoy the autumn sun, you should act quickly. Clouds will pass over the country tomorrow and Tuesday and light rain or drizzle may fall. Wednesday is another dry day.

‘Pleasantly busy’ in nature reserves due to the autumn sun
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