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The competition seems decided when it comes to the title. Ajax suffered damage in Alkmaar (2-2), but PSV also had to settle for a point in Rotterdam. The referee was the bitten dog afterwards. Etienne Verhoeff discusses it with Mikos Gouka and Maarten Wijffels in a new AD Voetbalpodcast.

Roger Schmidt spoke of a scandal after Feyenoord-PSV. On the other hand, his team failed to make 0-3 and 0-4. ,,In a general sense, a coach should talk about his team and not about the referee. But in this case…”, responds Maarten Wijffels. ,,I made some inquiries in the refereeing world. And it turns out that the protocol is to always look at the screen. Then you can explain and substantiate your decision afterwards on the basis of images that you have seen yourself. The acceptance of the VAR is now coming under pressure again.”

Gouka does look at it from a different perspective. ,,You can get excited about it as a trainer, but it doesn’t help anymore. I sometimes say it with a wink to Arne Slot, being as much as possible like Carlo Ancelotti. That’s when you win the most.”

But was it a penalty kick? Wijffels: ,,Balls that are kicked at a player at high speed and wherever they hit him… I don’t think that’s a penalty. I also don’t know how to handle the hand rule now.”

Because the gap between Ajax and PSV now remains four points, the title race seems decided. ,,It would be an embarrassment and a miracle if Ajax no longer becomes champion. Even if PSV had narrowed the gap with a win, Ajax would still have become champion”, Gouka thinks.

Degradation stress

They also discuss the relegation stress at the bottom, where everyone takes points again. And the success of Feyenoord in Europe, will it also offer the club more opportunities next season? ,,This is the time to continue at Feyenoord by keeping the selection together for the most part.”

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Podcast | ‘VAR acceptance is now coming under pressure again’ | Dutch football
Source link Podcast | ‘VAR acceptance is now coming under pressure again’ | Dutch football

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