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More than 120,000 of the nearly million FNV members voted in recent weeks. Slightly less than 48% of this went to Kitty Jong and over 52% to Elzinga.

During his victory speech, Elzinga said he wanted to work for a more social Netherlands. “Political parties from left to right discuss us in their election programs about security in a permanent job, less flexible work, the minimum wage. But they did that four years ago. The agenda must not only be adopted, but also implemented. If necessary, we will flatten the land. We let them listen to us. ”

Why did the members ultimately choose you?

“That is up to the members themselves. But I have shown that I can achieve results. Tangible results for the working Netherlands. ”

It’s a close victory. You still have to convince many members?

“The main difference with Kitty was the point about campaigning versus negotiating and taking action if you have to. I was brought up nicely, I’ve always been told you have to talk first. If that doesn’t work, you have to reinforce your requirements for a good result. ”

Many members want to talk less with politics and a tougher line.

“It has to be both. With the pension agreement I have shown that I am not averse to campaigning. We will continue to do so. But if we achieve good results by talking, there is nothing wrong with that either. ”

There is also a lot of work to be done internally. Membership is declining, young people are less likely to join and the Members’ Parliament, with many activists, is very powerful. Which innovations are you going to implement?

“We see that young people become members more often. For a long time it was self-evident that everything was arranged for you on the labor market. That is no longer the case, you can also see that through corona. Many people see that it pays to join a union, that’s what it’s all about. ”

Speaking of corona. How do we get out of this crisis?

“New jobs have to be created and investments have to be made. It is crucial that as many jobs as possible are preserved. You see that a new impulse is needed. Slowly but surely, unemployment is rising and young people are withdrawing from the labor market. We want to talk to politicians about solid investments in sustainable jobs with certainty. ”

And in the short term? An extension of the support package?

“I understand that employers are asking. There are healthy companies that are hit hard and you need to help them. But there are also plenty of companies that are making substantial profits that will have to contribute to the recovery. They have to pay a substantial part of the bill in the form of a corona tax. ”

Which companies are we talking about?

“Companies that profit and make big profits, such as in distribution, delivery services and supermarkets. They should help pay the bill for this crisis in the future. ”

FNV has been calling for a women’s quota for years. What does it say that the members do not choose women themselves now?

“As an organization, we ensure diversity in all kinds of places. But it’s about choosing the best candidate for the position. The members have the choice. We will continue to fight for diversity at the top, that will not change. ”

When did your term as chairman pass?

“If our solutions are leading at all levels. As FNV, we see many solutions, we are at the heart of society. I specifically want a million new permanent jobs and an increase in the minimum wage. This also means an increase in benefits such as the state pension and social assistance benefits. As chairman, it is my mission to listen to those solutions. ”

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‘Politics must start listening to us’ | Financial
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