poor sleep requires longer recovery than expected

If you slept poorly last night, why not go to bed an hour earlier tonight to compensate? It seems logical, but new research shows that your body needs a lot more time to recover from too little sleep than originally thought.

We all know what one bad night can do. Concentration problems, difficulty making decisions, less likely to take in and remember things. But what about if you don’t sleep well for several nights in a row?

Recovering from a bad night’s sleep

New research from the Sapienza University in Rome shows that after a few days of bad night’s sleep in a row, you don’t just catch up on sleep if you go to bed an hour earlier the next day.

Do you not sleep full nights for a longer period of time, for example because you are under a lot of stress or have trouble falling asleep? The study shows that twenty-somethings who slept 30 percent less than was good for them for ten nights in a row (i.e. lying awake for 2.5 hours compared to an 8-hour night’s sleep) needed up to seven full nights until their bodies were fully recovered. had recovered. This conclusion was drawn on the basis of a brain analysis of the participants of the study.

On CNN explains sleep expert Bhanu Prakash Kolla that after seven nights of good sleep, the brain’s responsiveness is back to normal, but that other factors may still lag behind. For example, he talks about the loss of accuracy and memory due to prolonged poor sleep.

“What the research shows is that factors such as memory and the ability to concentrate do not recover as quickly as we think. That’s why it’s so important that we don’t become sleep deprived in the first place,” said sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta, also against CNN.

How many hours of sleep do you need?

We have always been told that a human needs 8 hours of sleep, but is that really the case? You probably know people who claim to be able to function well with 6 hours of sleep every night. Yet an American study from 2004 shows that people who sleep 6 hours a night for two weeks perform just as badly as people who have not slept for two nights.

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Research: poor sleep requires longer recovery than thought

poor sleep requires longer recovery than expected
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