Post-covid fashion: comfortable and soft items


Now that working from home seems to be here to stay after the corona crisis, the influence of COVID-19 is even reflected in the fashion image. For the upcoming season we see many comfortable garments made of soft materials.

But: as it often happened after a crisis, we also feel like striking items, festive clothing and statement pieces that steal the show in the streets. Precisely because it was not possible for a considerable time.

Fashion and economy go hand in hand

It is interesting to see how the economy influences the diversity in fashion collections at the time. When the economy is bad, this is quickly reflected in fashion. People are more critical about what the money is spent on and would rather go for one good pair of jeans than for several cheaper but less good pants. A time of crisis also has a gloomy character; we saw that in the last century, for example, during the Spanish flu and the First World War.

Once these uncertain times were over, the roaring twenties full of partying and dancing broke loose; something many experts also expect for the coming years. What is striking is that not only people’s behavior changed, but also the way they dressed. The fashion collections changed from sober items without too much color to striking dresses with glitter, beautiful suits, shoes with heels and even the most exuberant jewelry. Epidemiologist Nicholas Christakis, who works at Yale University, also predicts such an eventful decade in the coming years.

For now: focus on comfortable clothing and soft materials

Before that, however, we can enjoy ‘corona fashion’, as the fashion of today is popularly called. That means: making the most of comfortable clothing such as a classy jogging suit in a beautiful color or a soft sweater in a natural hue. You can combine such a jogging suit very well in an everyday look – especially when you combine parts of it with a ‘normal’ piece of clothing. For example, a soft jacket is great over nice jeans and jogging pants go very well with a nice blouse. Or go for a full jogging suit with a pair of nice sneakers or lace-up shoes and a neat wool coat over it.

Oversized clothing also remains the trend

We get comfort not only from soft materials, but also from the fit of a garment. Oversized clothing, for example, took center stage last year. For example, oversized clothing is a t-shirt or sweater that is just too big. You don’t necessarily have to buy a larger size; there are plenty of collections with oversized items that are a lot bigger than usual in terms of fit. You can also mix and match within this trend: an oversized shirt, for example, is very nice with comfortable leggings and an oversized sweater looks good with denim skinny jeans. That way you combine several trends with each other that are also very nice.

Post-covid fashion colors for fall

As far as fashion colors are concerned, we see a lot of white items and a lot of brown items. White is the fashion color of the winter of 2021/2022 and that is clearly visible in the various collections. For example, combine a long soft white winter coat with nice jeans and a pair of white boots or go for a white jogging suit with a pair of white sneakers underneath. It can’t be white enough this winter. If you find that too intense, you can combine it with the fashion color brown. There are many different shades of brown to discover this fall. Or opt for a beautiful combination with a checkered print – the print of the moment. There is something for everyone to get.

Already started with the roaring twenties?

Maybe you are already tired of corona fashion and you are not looking forward to going for soft pants or an oversized sweater with body warmer again. That is of course also very possible. For that group, we see that fashion after post-covid is slowly but surely being looked at. We still have to cross that threshold, but the expectation is that it will then go wild in the fashion trends. The basis of comfort will remain (we don’t just hand it over), but there will be more room for bright colours, luxurious materials, short dresses, high heels and striking blouses and colorful jeans for the men. There will be a lot of play with color; something we often see after a crisis.

Post-covid fashion: comfortable and soft items
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