‘Preventing money problems saves €180 million’ | Financial

Last year, that site was used 190,000 times and that saved €180 million, according to the organization. This concerns savings on benefits, for example, less use of mental healthcare and growth of the economy because people are better able to work.


By allowing people to draw up a financial plan themselves or to quickly make a payment arrangement, SchuldenlabNL wants to prevent greater financial problems. The Dutch Debt Relief Route (NSR), the organization behind, collaborates in its approach with more than 40 companies and government organizations and more than 80 municipalities. According to NSR director Matin Suithoff, has already been used twice as much as last year.

SchuldenlabNL wants to further increase the reach of the method for tackling debt problems at an early stage. The foundation wants to send the results of the measurement to all municipalities to encourage them to join.

The Dutch Banking Association (NVB) is also satisfied with the results. Director Eelco Dubbeling points out that the banking association was one of the founders of NSR. “It makes us very happy to see that more than 40 national organizations from all kinds of sectors are now affiliated.”

‘Preventing money problems saves €180 million’ | Financial
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