Preventive testing for access, who pays the bill?

Wilco van Wijk of Coronasneltestdirect: “A normal rapid test costs us 65 euros. Companies can also have a preventive test for a lower price, because it involves larger quantities at the same time. Part of this is reimbursed by the government.”

Bicycle builder Accell, which has about a thousand employees in the Netherlands, has been purchasing vouchers for employees for a long time. They can use this if they want to have themselves tested preventively. It is nice that the government is now contributing, because the costs are rising, “says a company spokesperson.” But we will continue to do this after the settlement. “

“We have argued for a long time for the government to pay for the employee tests,” said MKB-Nederland. “Getting employees tested is expensive, especially for small businesses. The scheme should therefore be maintained as long as not everyone has had the opportunity to get vaccinated.”

Free self-test for everyone?

Recently you can go to chemists and pharmacies for self-testing. These are a lot cheaper than PCR and rapid tests in a test street, partly because they do not require a doctor and location. But this makes the result less accurate. The rash is purely for own preventive use.

You have to pay for the self-test yourself. But in the UK, residents will soon be able to get a free self-test twice a week. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has announced that free self-testing is not yet on the agenda for all Dutch people. Free self-tests for teachers and pupils in education will be offered from mid-April.

Private individuals can also have their own quick test taken by a commercial provider, for example if they have no complaints, for tens of euros. You also have to go to commercial providers if you need a negative test certificate for a trip abroad. Because you don’t get such proof at the GGD.

Preventive testing for access, who pays the bill?
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