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Latifa was trying to get away at the time to start a new life in the West. She was smuggled from Dubai to Oman by car and then went on a yacht. The escape attempt ended when heavily armed commandos came aboard, tied her up and took her away. The newspaper writes that it is still a mystery how authorities in the Gulf States tracked her down during the carefully planned escape attempt.

Research by international media now shows that details of the princess and her confidants are on the list of numbers that may have been hacked with advanced Pegasus spyware. That surveillance software could be used to get all kinds of information from phones. In addition, the location of a device can be traced.

Finnish girlfriend

The list contains more than 50,000 songs, including those of prime ministers and presidents. The Pegasus software was found to have been used on several phones on the list. The princess is said to have left her own phone in Dubai in 2018. Her Finnish friend Tiina Jauhiainen also did not take her smartphone with her as a precaution. After that, the numbers of all kinds of other acquaintances of Latifa would have been put on the list. Several telephones were also on board the yacht. According to Jauhiainen, Latifa used it to send e-mails, seek help on Instagram and send messages via chat program WhatsApp.

The devices belonging to Latifa and her friends have not been examined by experts and it is unclear whether they were ultimately hacked. The newspaper does write that the numbers were put on the list at a crucial moment during the search for the refugee princess. That illustrates according to The Washington Post how surveillance software that according to the Israeli developer NSO is intended to protect innocent people against ‘terrorism and crime’ can also be misused.

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An insider tells the newspaper that NSO has canceled the contract with Dubai in the past year. That was reportedly related to the fate of the princess and other concerns about the human rights situation. After her disappearance at sea, Latifa sent out another cry for help with a telephone smuggled to the villa where she was to be held captive. That video message ended up at the British broadcaster BBC.

Lawyers who said they represent Latifa stated last month that the princess will be allowed to travel again. She is said to have been to several European countries recently. Friend Jauhiainen then expressed on Twitter the hope that the princess has really started “a new chapter in her life”.

Princess Latifa on list of possible targets Pegasus | Royals
Source link Princess Latifa on list of possible targets Pegasus | Royals

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