Prompt grocery delivery service faces a backlash from Groningen

The municipality of Groningen has frozen the new ultra-fast delivery service for a year and banned the opening of additional chain grocery stores. The city will begin negotiations with grocery delivery companies such as Flink, Gorillas and Getir in response to complaints of confusion and confusion among locals.

“Puting a new branch on the ice is a serious measure,” city councilman Roelandvander Schaaf told news site Sikkom. “These companies are expanding rapidly, but their growth is becoming unmanageable.”

Major complaints about these services, such as Flink’s Oosterstraat and Gorillas’ Oude Ebbingestraat, have contributed to the confusion by turning local storefronts into distribution hubs that operate outside normal business hours. is. More and more residents are clashing with high-speed delivery companies over noise, reckless cycling, chaotic parking, and waste.

Surrounding shopkeepers are complaining that these companies are abusing the rules for opening warehouses and creating “dark stores” in major retail areas.

From a municipal point of view, a one-year freeze is a way to delay development and allow it to catch up with regulations. Groningen does not oppose prompt delivery service, Van der Schaff emphasizes. “But they cause a lot of annoyance. Amsterdam and Rotterdam have done the same.”

In addition, the municipalities have stopped expanding the supermarket chain in the city center. This also causes logistics problems. “Maneuvering a large delivery vehicle through a residential area causes a great deal of confusion. We have reached the limit,” says the councilor.

Prompt delivery services benefit customers and employment, creating hundreds of jobs throughout the northern Netherlands. This service is especially popular with students looking for a job to supplement their income.

Prompt grocery delivery service faces a backlash from Groningen

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