Rapper Einar shot dead, a superstar in Sweden

Swedish rapper Einar was killed in a shooting last night. The 19-year-old artist, who has won several awards in the Northern European country, was shot at an apartment complex in Stockholm late in the evening.

He would have died on the spot.

Einar would be kidnapped

Einar, whose full name is Nils Kurt Erik Einar Gronberg, is one of Sweden’s most famous stars. He broke through there at the age of 16 and was one of the most streamed artists on music platform Spotify last year. Einar rapped about crime in Swedish and also had a feud with rival rapper Yasin. He ended up in prison this year for his involvement in a plan to kidnap Einar in 2020.

Here you see Einar with the number Cats i Trakten. According to Google Translate, that means “the cat in the neighborhood.”

Not much clear about murder yet

It is still unclear who is behind the murder of the rapper. Local media reports that two people have fled. Sweden has seen a significant increase in the number of victims of gun violence in recent years. 110 shootings have been reported in the Swedish capital so far this year. At least 41 people nationwide died after being shot, including Einar.

The investigation into the murder is in full swing.

Another fatal shooting

The news about Einar today is already the second shooting incident with a well-known star. When shooting on the set of the film Peace camera director Halyna Hutchins (42) was shot dead. The bullet came from a movie gun that star actor Alec Baldwin had to shoot in a scene. Presumably the weapon must have been loaded with blanks, but something went horribly wrong.

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Rapper Einar shot dead, a superstar in Sweden

Rapper Einar shot dead, a superstar in Sweden
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