Rapper Josylvio arrested at Curaçao airport

The Dutch rapper Josylvio was arrested last night at the airport of Curaçao. The Curaçao police confirm this to the ANP news agency this evening, following reports in Curaçao media.

It was previously reported that the 29-year-old artist, whose real name is Joost Dowib, had been arrested for traveling with a falsified PCR test. According to the police, it was an arrest for insulting and disturbing public order.

Josylvio was, however, refused entry to the island after arriving on Curaçao, because his travel documents were not in order. It is unclear whether it was the PCR test.

Police said the rapper was “very rude” to airport staff after being denied entry. He also allegedly made threats. Images from youtuber Fawry not Sawry show that Josylvio receives a hard blow from a police officer. The artist was presented to a prosecutor after the arrest, it is unclear whether he is still in custody.

Josylvio received the Edison in 2020 for the Hip-Hop category. He was one of the most streamed Dutch artists on Spotify that year.

Rapper Josylvio arrested at Curaçao airport
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