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Cooking & eatingIn the section Does a cook visit the doctor, chef Ramon Beuk visits GP Rutger Verhoeff. He asks him for the best ingredients to get through the different times of the day. Today: a quick smoothie that promotes sleep.

Good sleep starts with clearing your head and coming fully into the moment, chef Ramon Beuk knows. That is easier said than done for many people. But when we get that under control, the night’s sleep becomes much better. In addition, I always wondered whether drink and food play an important role during sleep.”

,,A friend of mine always takes, as he says himself, ‘a fruit with milk’ before going to sleep. He’s been doing that for years and I asked him why. His answer: inherited from his mother. The milk would ensure a soft sleep and the ‘fruit’ for the vitamins, so that he gets up fit and healthy again. And it works, because he has been sleeping well for years.”

Beuk asked GP Rutger Verhoeff, with whom he wrote the book Tasty Better wrote if that actually works. It had to disappoint him. “Milk would indeed promote sleep, according to years of claims, but it is not a real sleep aid. And fruit certainly contains vitamins, but does not have an effect so quickly that you benefit from it the next day,” Verhoeff reported. “In the long run, of course.”

Nice for a change

Or who therefore has to stop with his daily ritual – which he would have difficulty with, because he is always a little hungry in the evening? ,,No, he has to continue with it. Because apparently it works fine for him and it’s more about not getting hungry during sleep so that he stays awake.”

Inspired by his friend, Beuk developed his own dish. ,,So I don’t really have to disappoint my friend and I even have a new recipe for him. Nice for a change and the healthy version of the nightcap.” Beuk is happy with the result. “Would you rather feast than count sheep? I thought so too. That’s why I’m giving you a recipe that will help you sleep through the night. And nice and quick to prepare, of course, easy before going to bed.”

The doctor explains
Ideal for anyone who has a big appetite before going to sleep. And much healthier than a bag of chips. It is important that you do not drink the smoothie just before going to bed. When? That is different for everyone, but at least not a few minutes before bedtime. It is an easily digestible smoothie. Not too much and not too little. Without a lot of fats, where the proteins in the cottage cheese and nuts provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety. Proteins are broken down more slowly than sugars. And proteins are in milk, but also in the low-fat quark and nuts that are used here.”

Ramon Beuk and Rutger Verhoeff © Ramon Beuk

quick smoothie
Ingredients for two servings
100 g low-fat cottage cheese
100 ml orange juice
200 g frozen fruit of your choice 10 g sunflower seeds
20 g almonds
2 tbsp. honey
5 basil leaves

Puree all ingredients in a blender to a creamy smoothie.

Nutritional value
Energy: 486 kcal (pp: 243 kcal)
Carbohydrates: 65.8 g
Protein: 15.8 g
Fats: 15.1 g (vv: 1.8 g)
Fiber: 8.3 g

Tasty Better
Tasty Better © Ramon Beuk

Ramon Beuk wrote the book Lekker Beter together with general practitioner Rutger Verhoeff. The aim of this book is to make people eat more consciously and maximize performance with the right nutrition.

Rather sleep than count sheep: a smoothie before going to bed | Cooking & Eating
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