raw materials for this year have run out

Being broke is no fun, that’s for sure. But hey, then you spend a little less (or nothing) for a while until the end of the month is reached. Today the earth is also broke, but that will not be solved easily and will certainly last until the end of the year. Today is Earth Overshoot Day. This means that all the raw materials that the earth can sustainably produce in one year have been used up. So from now on, we are committing looting.

The dubious milestone will be reached on July 28 this year, report research organization Global Footprint Network and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Earth Overshoot Day

So until today we used the stock of food and natural resources that the earth can normally produce. From this date we will consume raw materials that are actually intended for next year. We therefore use 1.75 soil per year, the researchers calculated. So we need almost twice as many resources to ‘save’ it. Earth Overshoot Day was created to mark how fast the ecological footprint of the world’s population is growing.

“Earth has a lot of reserves, so we can deplete the planet for a while, but not forever,” explains Mathis Wackernagel of the Global Footprint Network. It’s like spending money, he says: “We can spend more than we earn for a while, but at some point we’re broke.”

It is not the case that everyone on earth consumes the same. In fact, the Netherlands comes out poorly. If everyone in the world had lived like a Dutchman, it would already have been Earth Overshoot Day on April 12 this year. Americans have an even bigger carbon footprint: Natural resources would have been used up for the rest of the year by March 13 if everyone had consumed like an American.

Earth resources are out

Now you think: but what can I do to deplete the earth less? Then the Global Footprint Network and the WWF have two suggestions. These are the well-known tips, but they remain important. Eat less meat and limit the amount of food you throw away. If people in rich countries would eat half as much meat, Earth Overshoot Day would move 17 days to mid-August. Reducing food waste could add another 13 days, as one third of all the world’s food is currently thrown away. Check out five tips from our colleagues from Culy to prevent food waste.

In 2019 and 2021, the grim date of July 29 was reached. Earth Overshoot Day did not take place until August 22 in corona year 2020, due to the corona restrictions that applied worldwide. In 1970, the raw materials that the earth can sustainably produce annually were not used until December 23.

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The earth is ‘broken’: raw materials for this year have run out

raw materials for this year have run out
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