Reinerwald’s “handyman” allegedly helped conceal and abuse nine children is on trial

Handyman and tenant Josef B. is currently being tried for helping landlord Gerrit Jan van Dorsten hide and abuse nine children in his remote area of ​​Ruinerwold village in Drente.

According to Dagblad van het Noorden, Josef B.’s hearing will take place on Monday, May 9, 2022, hoping that the decision will be declared sometime in the afternoon.

According to RTV, Officier van Justitie claims to have helped Josef B. deprive Van D. of all nine children. This includes six people who have been hidden in the Roinerwald basement for ten years. Prosecutors suggest that during the 20 years from 1999 to 2019, abuse occurred at both Reinerwald and two additional facilities.

Josef B. allegedly provided Van D. with groceries and funds, even though he knew the children who were deprived of their freedom to live on the premises. According to the RTL, Minister Openbaar (OM) suspects Josef B. has deliberately contributed to “illegal deprivation of liberty” and the abuse of all nine children.

Austrian-born Joseph B. was previously not allowed to pass through the fence of Reinerwold’s property, so he defended that “no one has robbed him of his freedom.” According to Josef B., this is because Van D. believed that “evil spirits” could be brought into property and impair the purity of the children.

According to RTV, Josef B. has been waiting for a court decision, dating back to the beginning of the proceedings for two and a half years after the first hearing in 2020.

Gerrit Jan van Dorsten, the father of the abused children and the main suspect in the case, was declared unfit for trial in 2019 after suffering severe health problems from a stroke. I did.

Two of the children claim that in addition to physical abuse, Gerrit Janvan Dorsten committed sexual assault. In a conversation with NOS, Edino, Van D’s older child, was sexually with Van D, who thought Edino’s body was “obsessed” with his mind after his mother died. He said he was forced to meet. Of his recently deceased wife.

Despite allegations, Van D. himself maintained his own innocence. He states that the doors and gates of Reinelwald’s property were never locked, suggesting that children are free to leave whenever they want. Rather, he claims that he is simply deeply religious and conveys his values ​​and beliefs to his children.

Reinerwald’s “handyman” allegedly helped conceal and abuse nine children is on trial

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