Relationship more pneumonia in area with many livestock farms reconfirmed

Within a radius of 500 meters

‘The risk of pneumonia is greater, especially if the livestock is located within a radius of 500 meters from the home. In addition, pneumonia appears to be more common throughout the year in the eastern part of North Brabant and the northern part of Limburg than in areas with fewer livestock farms’, according to the conclusion of the Nivel based on a third measurement, an update on the years 2017-2019, within the RIVM Livestock & Health of Local Residents program (VGO part III).


The association between the variables ‘proximity livestock farming’ and ‘the occurrence of pneumonia’ appears to be consistent in the investigated provinces over the studied years 2009-2019; there is between 26 and 60% more pneumonia per year compared to a less cattle-rich area. Research over 2014-2017 in three other provinces confirms the relationship between the two.

Goat Farms

Mainly relationship between ‘pneumonia’ and ‘goat farms’ in the area
Within the research area of ​​Northeast Brabant and North Limburg, an area with many livestock farms, it mainly concerns the proximity of goat farms. Sometimes, and therefore less consistently, it is the proximity of poultry farms.

The relationship is especially evident within a radius of 500 meters

For the recent period 2017-2019, the risk of pneumonia in the surveyed area is 37% higher than in areas – elsewhere in the country – with fewer livestock farms. This greater chance applies especially when living within a radius of 500 meters from a goat farm. The relationship between living within a radius of 1000 or 2000 meters and the occurrence of pneumonia, which has also been studied, could not be confirmed. These results are in line with the results of previous measurements.

poultry farms

From one of several analyzes in this update, the result we found for ‘living within 500 meters of goat farms’ also applied to ‘poultry farms’; pneumonia was also more common there.

Preventing pneumonia not related to seasons

Pneumonia is more common in the study area throughout the year. The difference between individual months in the 2014-2019 period is small. The more frequent occurrence of pneumonia in the study area cannot be related to the lambing season in goat farms (February-May) or to the flu season in the Netherlands (November-April). It was assumed beforehand that this relationship could exist.

About the research

For the 2017-2019 update, pseudonymised healthcare data from general practices was used. This concerned 27 general practices in the research area that provided a total of care data for approximately 110,000 patients, and 19 general practices elsewhere in the Netherlands that registered care data for approximately 55,000 patients. All practices are located in the countryside. The presence of livestock farms in the study area was determined with the Agricultural Farm Situation File, 2018.

Relationship more pneumonia in area with many livestock farms reconfirmed
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