Relative family murder Dordrecht files a report against the police and the state

A relative of the family murder in Dordrecht filed a complaint against the police and the state this week for culpable homicide, de Volkskrant writes. A police officer shot and killed his wife, his daughters aged 8 and 12 and himself in September 2019.

The woman’s mother, Margarita Gressmann, believes the police acted negligently by providing the man with his service weapon. Shortly before the murder, he would have picked up the service weapon at the police station in Dordrecht.

Gressman denounces the lack of uniform guidelines for the confiscation of service weapons for mental health problems. Gressmann’s lawyer states in the newspaper that all signals were “fire red” with the 35-year-old man, partly because of an impending divorce. The police would have known that the officer met a “laundry list of characteristics that could entail a high risk of, among other things, suicide and murder”.

Unambiguous or not

A police spokesman says that there is a uniform guideline for the confiscation of service weapons. He warns against “too much” protocolize, because with that you can also rule out all kinds of scenarios.” “According to the police psychologist, weapons are often taken too quickly, because supervisors think there is something wrong with that colleague,” the spokesperson said in the newspaper.

Gressman’s lawyer argues that the guidelines are not sufficient. This seems to be supported by a document that de Volkskrant saw. According to that document, operational chiefs and case managers insisted on ptsd of the police in February for “a standard procedure for confiscating service weapons when police employees become ill”, The chairman of the Police Union Jan Struijs says that many team chiefs do not experience the policy as an unambiguous directive.

Research Denied

After the family murder, the National Criminal Investigation Department and the Justice and Security Inspectorate had to investigate the role of the police in the case, but according to de Volkskrant this never happened. The National Criminal Investigation Department forwarded the case to the Inspectorate, but it refused because the investigation would not be part of its ‘primary work process’. Struijs believes that the investigation should still be carried out now.

Relative family murder Dordrecht files a report against the police and the state
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