‘Relaunch Today Inside with big change’

It is the question that viewers of Today Inside has been occupied for a while. Does the program restart or not? Media connoisseur and Privatelyjournalist Jan Uriot thinks he has the answer, he tells in the Telegraph-column What does Jan think?

In the section let the Privatelyjournalist weekly shine his light on his highs and lows in the world of glitter and glamour. This time it was about the men of Today Insidewho stopped the program after Johan Derksen’s candle riot.

Media expert: ‘Today Inside will be on TV again’

“Wilfred Genee continues, of course,” Uriot is sure of his mind. That must then happen in the new television season, which starts in September. “Then we will just get him to start again with a new team.”

Presenter Karlijn Bernoster then asks Uriot whether the restart is with or without Johan Derksen. “In the AD the suggestion was worked for a while that Today Inside would return with Johan Derksen, who again denied that,” she points out to Uriot on the latest news.

Johan Derksen in relaunch?

“No, that won’t happen again,” Uriot said. “It’s really done now.” It is not yet clear who will replace him. “But those will be people who are eloquent,” he expects.

He also points out that a new name for the talk show must be made again. “They keep playing with it. But I’ll pass it on to them already, that will be Tonight Inside

‘Johan Derksen should have stopped earlier’ f

Jan Uriot, who recently received quite a beating from the Today Inside-men, miss the program. But he understands that Johan Derksen will stop, he explains. “He should have done that much earlier.”

He finds it understandable that Johan Derksen no longer feels like it, because due to his ‘verbal accidents’ he has the idea that he is no longer able and allowed to say everything. “At Akwasi, he also threatened to stop, but then he went through a big bag of money.”

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Media connoisseur is certain: ‘Relaunch Today Inside with big change’

'Relaunch Today Inside with big change'
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