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Rob Stenders has been dreaming of his own station since he was a teenager and that wish has “never been hushed”, he explains his decision to leave on the NPO Radio 2 website. fantastic experience. It may not have reached the general public, but we had a wonderful time. ”

“It never completely let go of me and then Radio Veronica came up with the request if I wanted to run their station,” continues Rob, who was already active for Veronica in the eighties and nineties. “I really enjoy working with BNNVARA and Radio 2. So I had to think about it for a long time irresponsibly.”

Last week

The DJ would like to thank Radio 2 and BNNVARA for the opportunity he got with Stenders Platenbonanza in which he could go his own way “without a straitjacket” in recent years. “You need a lot of confidence for that and I got that from them. I would leave these wonderful clubs for no money if I only moved the program, but to be able to make Radio Veronica as I see fit, I couldn’t pass that up in the end. ”

Rob is already making his last broadcasts for BNNVARA this week, despite the fact that his employment with Veronica only starts next summer. “I would have liked to continue on this wonderful channel until June 30, but I fully understand that they have decided to shorten this party a bit.”

In addition to his position as manager of the channel, Stenders also goes every working day – with a sidekick Caroline Brouwer – the Bonanza present.

Rob Stenders: ‘It was now or never’ | Entertainment
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