Roger Schmidt gets lost in his own maze

Feel free to call him a powerful trainer, although the question is increasingly on what that power is based on. PSV handed over the key to the club a year and a half ago to Roger Schmidt, a striking German in the land of trainers. Since then, Schmidt has been wandering through the red and white rooms. Yes, every now and then he takes a walk in the maze unscathed, but too often he bumps his head or is involved in a trip.

He gets lost in his philosophy, although he can’t even help it partly, because Ajax is simply stronger and nobody can speak shame of a second place. Yet his path threatens to come to a hopeless dead end, because PSV has its ambitions and expectations. See them now sometimes cooking in the stands, those formerly so spoiled supporters who are used to playing for prizes.

When PSV signed Schmidt, a wave of excitement swept through certain sections of Dutch football, which was more or less in crisis. Schmidt was the captain of the guild of pressure football, the movement mainly from Austria and Germany. Game with lots of movement, pressure everywhere and lightning fast switching.

PSV did not have the players at all when he came, but Schmidt was given time and money, also to drastically change the selection. The key to the club disappeared deep into his inside pocket. In his second year, as far as players are concerned, he is well ahead of last season. On paper then.

It was strange in itself that he was given so much power, because earlier director Toon Gerbrands had deprived Mark van Bommel, who was fired in December 2019, of the key. And that while Van Bommel was a child of the club, who knew exactly what the running routes were like. He apparently meddled too much in other people’s affairs and made himself unloved in certain circles.

Players like Zahavi, Ramalho, Mwene, Max, Mvogo and Götze, as well as a number of staff members, would never have come to Eindhoven without Schmidt. PSV went on to play so-called pressing, although that is not always visible. Perhaps the inspiration of the Schmidt-like people is spread across the Netherlands, because everywhere, deep into youth departments, you hear trainers about putting pressure.

Only: where is the development of PSV itself? Schmidt makes changes to keep everyone fit, but in the end he always misses a row of players at crucial moments. After a spectacular start to the season, the club has found itself in a dire situation. In addition, Schmidt almost never wins a top match, with the 5-0 in the Arena as the low point.

Partly because of this, Sunday was a sad day for everyone who loves PSV: the moment Ajax made 1-0, the telephones spat out messages about the dismissal at Wolfsburg of Mark van Bommel, who had not won eight matches after a strong start.

De Volkskrant visited recently, when things were still going well. Van Bommel had reinvented himself and learned that he should only focus on football, with training. On Sunday it turned out that he has not made much progress since his dismissal in Eindhoven. PSV, for that matter, does not.

Roger Schmidt gets lost in his own maze
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