Room continues to ask for more insight into the King’s cash book, Rutte says no

A large part of the House of Representatives and Prime Minister Rutte continue to disagree about whether or not to disclose the expenditures of King Willem-Alexander. The ruling party D66 and opposition parties SP, PvdA, GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals are dissatisfied with the fact that Rutte does not provide extra information about an annual amount of five million euros to the king.

During the discussion of the king’s budget in the House of Representatives, it was, just like last year, about the wish of a majority of the House of Representatives to know more about the so-called B component. That is money that the king receives for personnel (the royal household) and “material costs”. It is independent of his income of about 1 million euros.


“It’s about taxpayers’ money,” said PvdA MP Kathmann. She emphasized that she does not want more than a general insight. “It’s really not about receipts for rolls of liquorice.” The SP believes that the prime minister makes the king extra vulnerable. “A discussion about where the money goes harms the king,” said SP MP Leijten.

The ruling party CDA disagrees. “This family lives in a glass bell jar and we really shouldn’t want a discussion about their expenses,” said MP Van den Berg. It is also not necessary for the VVD and JA21.

24 hours a day

Rutte was optimistic last year about providing more insight into the B component. Now – a year later – according to the prime minister, it appears to be impossible. The Constitution would make this impossible and it would not be possible to properly separate the items in this cash book. His conviction is that private life and business are too intertwined. “The king is king 24 hours a day.”

The prime minister regrets that he has been “too enthusiastic”. “It would have been better if I had been less hopeful last year.”

D66 MP Sneller is very displeased with the Prime Minister’s attitude. He emphasizes that legal scholars believe that the Constitution should not be an obstacle at all to more transparency. “You’re using the Constitution as a shield. We know it’s not true.”

D66 also wants more access to underlying documents, but according to Rutte that is not possible because the “unity of the crown” would then be endangered. That went badly for Sneller: “It is unsatisfactory and inimitable.”

to consider

There is a good chance that there will be no additional access to the B component, because Rutte does not have to carry out a request from the House of Representatives. Such an attitude often damages the relationship with the House of Representatives. D66 MP Sneller said at the end of the debate that he “will consider” what he will do next.

Room continues to ask for more insight into the King’s cash book, Rutte says no
Source link Room continues to ask for more insight into the King’s cash book, Rutte says no

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