Rotterdam students help entrepreneurs with digitization

The SME DigiWerkplaats Rijnmond aims to support at least 500 entrepreneurs from the Rijnmond region in digitization over the next three years. In the first year, the workshop focuses primarily on SMEs with up to ten employees in the retail sector and business and other services in collaboration with ICT and economic vocational education. From the second year onwards it will be expanded to the (manufacturing) industry and transport & logistics (including the maritime sector).

The digital workplace thus contributes to digitally skilled entrepreneurs and at the same time is the breeding ground for the region to grow towards more integrated education that promotes progression, enables (cross) sectoral cooperation between educational levels and brings about a better connection to the labor market.

In the coming years, 750 students will help entrepreneurs to increase the productivity of their company and stimulate them to invest further in digitization. The students also develop a detailed roadmap for the entrepreneurs with practical tools, prototypes and tailor-made advice. The SME DigiWerkplaats Rijnmond focuses primarily on solutions in the field of online sales, marketing, web development, programming, privacy & security, cloud engineering and the digitization of administrative business processes.

By: National Education Guide

Rotterdam students help entrepreneurs with digitization
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