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The Groningen University Board will implement a series of austerity measures to eliminate the fiscal deficit caused mainly by high energy prices, RTV Noord. report.

Schools, desperate for funds to meet burgeoning bills, are pushing energy-saving efforts, selling assets and planning to close non-essential teaching and research facilities. These measures are expected to save around €20 million over the next four years.

Board leaders indicated that the deficit was not surprising and based on current trends, they expect continued financial challenges in the years ahead. “By 2024 he wants to save 10 million euros. The next year he will save 15 million dollars, and by the end of 2026 he will save 20 million dollars,” said Hans. Executive Vice President said.

“Everything is on the table now. Everything is negotiable. There are no taboos,” Beemans emphasizes. “Our main concern is whether we are doing the right thing or doing it well.”

The school says it is committed to ensuring that no budget cuts are made that compromise either the student experience or the quality of education. Graduate studies and studies are largely unaffected by cost-cutting measures, Beemans said. But students have already noticed that the temperature in some buildings is one notch below him. Principal Biemans said that complaints had almost disappeared as the temperature inside the school had dropped, and he requested further cooperation in the school’s energy-saving activities.

The board hopes that smarter planning will eliminate the need to rent extra spaces such as the main hall of the Pathé Cinema in the future. “We’re going to look at our process critically. He’ll probably need to invest in ICT so he can achieve the savings he needs elsewhere,” says Beemans.

RUG also plans to sell a number of buildings in the city center. These properties consume energy and their maintenance costs have recently escalated. In anticipation of the move, the school announced last month that it would sell Van Swinderen Huys. The historic building was used for conferences, conferences and social gatherings.

Last December, RUG forecast A budget deficit of €52 million. This is mainly due to rising energy prices.

The total operating budget of the University for the 2023 financial year is approximately EUR 900 million. RUG Announces Drastic Measures To Address Rising Costs – Northern Times

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