Rumors of holidays and summer events due to lower infection rates


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to downgrade the risk of coronavirus from amber to yellow in most of Germany, Austria and Italy, paving the way for people to spend their vacations at more foreign destinations. Said Telegraaf on Tuesday.

The ministry plans to issue a new risk warning this week and some changes are underway, sources told the newspaper.

Code Yellow means that unnecessary and non-urgent travel is permitted and you do not have to have a negative coronavirus test to return to the Netherlands or enter the quarantine.

The RTL also suggests that the government is considering easing some of its coronavirus regulations sooner than expected due to the plunge in coronavirus infection rates. The government’s health advisors will meet on Thursday, with additional 25 community safety committee meetings scheduled to take place at that time, the website said.

On Friday, ministers will make a decision on the summer event. The government has promised to clarify the options so that the event organizers have enough time to prepare.

The next step in the government’s five-point plan to reopen society was scheduled to take place on June 30, but RTL instead began on June 26 with some rules such as group size. It states that it may be mitigated.

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Rumors of holidays and summer events due to lower infection rates

Source link Rumors of holidays and summer events due to lower infection rates

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