Russia: not responsible for downing MH17

Russia denies any responsibility for the downing of flight MH17. This is evident from documents submitted to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). In Strasbourg, proceedings by nearly 350 relatives against Russia are currently underway. These relatives hold the Russian Federation responsible for the downing of flight MH17.

At the end of last month, Russia submitted a response to the Court in Strasbourg. This short document hardly deals with the facts presented by the next of kin. In seven pages, Russia places the responsibility on Ukraine. That country should have closed its airspace, Russia believes.

According to Russia, Ukraine has increased the route over which civilian aircraft flew over the war zone, but Ukraine did not comply with international guidelines. The distance between civil and military aircraft should have been much greater, Russia believes.

Ukrainian warplanes in the area are also said to pose a threat to civil aviation. In recent weeks, some relatives also pointed to the role of Ukraine in the MH17 trial and doubted why the airspace was not closed and why airlines were still flying there.

‘Research is a sham’

Earlier, the Russian federation ignored the blame in a 90-page document. According to Russia, the next of kin base themselves on “false evidence and fraudulent and inadequate investigations”. Russia denies that it had effective control over the separatists who fought in Ukraine against the government in Kiev. “Russia has absolutely nothing to do with MH17,” the Russian government writes in a document dated December 31, 2019. “The investigation led by the Netherlands is a sham.”

Four men are currently being prosecuted in the Netherlands for their part in the downing of flight MH17. In recent weeks, relatives have mainly focused on Russia. According to these relatives, Russia has distorted the truth and there lies the answer to the many questions they still have.

Relatives Nick van Vreeswijk and Rianne van den Hende told the courtroom how they were weighed down by their grief:

Relatives of MH17 testify about their grief

The trial will be broadcast each week via a live stream on the court’s website. The viewing data shows that the majority of the people come from the Netherlands. Remarkable: a fairly large group of people from Russia is also watching. One of those Russian observers was the main suspect Oleg Pulatov, his lawyer confirms.

Russia: not responsible for downing MH17
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