Russian hackers accessed the Dutch police system in 2017: Volkskrant


According to Volkskrant, a hacker affiliated with Russian security service SVR was able to break into the Dutch police system in 2017, when an investigation into the shooting down of Flight MH17 was underway, Volkskrant said Tuesday. ..

The hack went unnoticed by police, but it came to light thanks to information from the Dutch security agency AIVD, the newspaper said.

The hack led to a “massive panic” due to the investigation of MH17, the newspaper said. The allegations are based on conversations with people close to the case, but police and AIVD refuse to confirm or deny the hack.

In July 2017, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium, Australia and Malaysia agreed to begin legal action in Dutch courts against suspected people involved in the shooting down of an airplane.

Russia has consistently denied involvement and, according to Volkskrant, has lost credibility in the investigation using a wide range of tools, including hacking and espionage into public institutions.

The hacking identified by AIVD via its own hacking network comes from the Dutch IP address of the police academy’s server, sources told the newspaper.

“Hacker traces have been found in several different places,” Volkskrant said, citing four sources.

It is not yet clear if or what information hackers were able to access or obtain information related to the MH17 investigation.

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Russian hackers accessed the Dutch police system in 2017: Volkskrant

Source link Russian hackers accessed the Dutch police system in 2017: Volkskrant

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