Rutte has doubts about agreements with Poland and Hungary

Prime Minister Rutte does not yet agree with the compromise on the EU budget that was reached yesterday with the opposing countries Poland and Hungary. The Dutch prime minister still has a number of questions, which he would first like to answer before he says yes to the new agreements. Rutte said that upon arrival in Brussels, where an EU summit with all 27 European leaders will be held today and tomorrow.

The conflict revolves around the budget for the coming years and the special corona fund. Hungary and Poland have blocked this with a veto, because they do not want extra rules about the rule of law. And those extra rules were precisely agreed in a consultation between President Germany and the European Parliament.

The Netherlands considers the rules of great importance. “I think it is essential that we can be sure that the rules will be enforced,” said Rutte. “The essence is that we prevent a government from turning against the citizens. That is why independent justice is essential. And these agreements help us in this. In that sense you can call it historic.”

European parliament

In the compromise between Germany, Poland and Hungary, the agreements remain intact, but they are not yet being applied. First a judgment of the European Court of Justice is awaited. The Court must answer the question whether the agreements are not in conflict with the European treaty.

Prime Minister Rutte wants the certainty that if the Court says that it is indeed all according to the rules, the agreements are valid with retroactive effect. The compromise should not delay.

Rutte’s final judgment ultimately depends on three points. “I want to know what the European Parliament thinks. I also want legal advice from Council lawyers on the exact meaning of the compromise.” And as a third point, he wants the certainty that countries that do not comply with the rules can be punished with retroactive effect.


It is not yet certain whether the problem will be solved today. Later today, the leaders of the political groups will meet in the European Parliament and a number of informal meetings will take place between the different EU leaders throughout the day.

European leaders will continue to discuss sanctions against Turkey and climate goals today at the EU summit. In the margin there is talk of Brexit. “We let Ursula von der Leyen update us”, says Rutte.

Rutte has doubts about agreements with Poland and Hungary
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