Rutte tells Israel not to jeopardize two-state solution

Pro-Palestinian protesters in central Amsterdam. Photo:

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte underscored the Netherlands’ support for a two-state solution to the Israeli question, and emphasized his position to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a telephone call on Wednesday.

Rutte said on Twitter that he congratulated Netanyahu on his inauguration of the new government.

“We discussed new cooperation and emphasized that the Netherlands will continue to support the two-state solution and oppose any measures that jeopardize it,” Rutte said.

The new hardline Israeli government, which includes the Zionist party Mahdar, has already faced considerable criticism since taking office.

On Tuesday, Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gubir ordered police to ban Palestinian flags from public places. He also came under international condemnation last week for visiting Jerusalem’s most secretive holy site. Rutte tells Israel not to jeopardize two-state solution

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