Sand artists kick off beach season in The Hague

The Hague beach season starts this weekend. Spring has sprung, beautiful weather has arrived and all the beacheshi bars, clubs and restaurants (strand tents) have been rebuilt. The Easter long weekend is the ideal time to visit the Hague coast again.

To kick off the season in style, beach artist Gérard Ten Broek (Beach Land Art) will create temporary works of art to mark Escher’s 125th anniversary on Saturday, April 8th. The artwork will be ready to see just north of Pier He’s Head (near Aloha Beach Club) around noon and will slowly fade after 13:22 (low tide) as sea levels rise.

Gerard ten Broek (born 1955 in The Hague) is a ‘land art artist’ who paints his ephemeral art. A self-taught artist, he intuitively began etching and farming on the beach. Like Escher, Gerald likes to play with themes such as optical illusions, contrast, and creating perspective on a flat surface. Whereas Escher did this with ink on paper, Gérard creates large etchings in sand.

“Escher is a great source of inspiration for me,” says Gerald. “The piece I plan to make this weekend is a geometric pattern with many circles.

Impressions of the work of Gerard ten Broek. (Photo: Gerald Ten Brooke) Sand artists kick off beach season in The Hague

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