Sanderink has to pay ex-girlfriend almost 2 million euros

Entrepreneur Gerard Sanderink has to pay his ex-girlfriend Brigitte van Egten almost 2 million euros in penalties. The District Court of The Hague has obliged him to do so because of unsubstantiated claims that the owner of, among others, construction company Strukton and automation company Centric spread about her in recent years. Sanderink acted in violation of several previous judgments and therefore has to pull out the wallet, it was determined on Thursday.

Sanderink and Van Egten have been in conflict since the entrepreneur entered into a relationship with the controversial cyber advisor Rianne van Rijbroek in the autumn of 2018. Sanderink accused his ex-girlfriend of fraud at one of his companies, solar panel company DSS. As director, Van Egten would have had a grip on the cash. She has always denied having committed fraud and various investigations have not provided any evidence for this.

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Several times, Sanderink still spoke negatively about Van Egten publicly and to employees of his companies. For example, she is said to be behind a raid by the tax investigation service FIOD that took place at Strukton in the spring of 2019. Van Egten would also have put large amounts of porn on the DSS servers.

It led to a series of lawsuits with which Van Egten wanted to prevent Sanderink from repeating his statements. The court ruled in her favor in several judgments and imposed periodic penalty payments on the entrepreneur. If he were to repeat his claims, there would be a fine.

According to the court in The Hague, Sanderink violated several judgments. For example, he had the contents of his iPhone deleted when a bailiff wanted to seize his telephone and mailbox at the beginning of this year. Van Egten was therefore no longer able to find out whether Sanderink had still sent defamatory emails about her. He now has to pay more than 1 million euros for this.

An additional amount of 600,000 euros is added because Sanderink should have destroyed a report about the alleged fraudulent behavior by Van Egten. However, the entrepreneur spread it, including to a director at Centric. Due to several other violations of previous judgments, the total amount of penalty payments to be paid amounts to 1.96 million euros. To make sure that Sanderink can pay for it, Van Egten has had shares in his companies and real estate seized.


Because of the many lawsuits back and forth, Sanderink and his ex-girlfriend have been involved in a mediation process for some time. The Centric owner was of the opinion that this meant that it could not claim the periodic penalty payments in the interim and wanted to get rid of the attachment. The judge did not agree.

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In the meantime, last month it turned out that Sanderink has also returned as a director at Strukton. He left the construction company at the beginning of this year just after Sanderink’s resistance against the bailiff had sparked outrage. Now the entrepreneur has succeeded CEO Erik Hermsen, whose departure was announced in early October. According to sources around the company, Sanderink put him on hold.

Hermsen was not the first driver to leave Strukton or Centric. Over the past 2.5 years, these companies have experienced a major exodus at the top.

Sanderink has to pay ex-girlfriend almost 2 million euros
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