Scheveningen Beach to get more sand

From September to the end of 2023,  maintenance work  will  take place  on  Scheveningen beach between the Zwarte Pad and the harbour. Dredgers  will spray a total of 700,000 cubic meters of sand onto the beach. The beach will remain  accessible to visitors, except for the working area of 150-200 meters.

The sand  on the beach  has been diminishing due to wind, waves and currents  that carry sand from the coast.  To  keep the coastline in place  the beach will be replenished  with sand from the North Sea.   This will also help  Scheveningen and The Hague remain protected against flooding.

A work  area of  150 – 200 meter  of beach   will be closed to beach visitors during the work  for safety  reason due to large machines and the risk of quicksand. Dogs must be kept on a leash (from October 1 when they are allowed on the beach again) and swimming is prohibited in the work area. Water sports enthusiasts are advised  to  keep their distance from the dredger and the work area on the beach.


Photo:  Rijkswaterstaat Scheveningen Beach to get more sand

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