Schiphol Airport to cut 12,400 flight movements next summer

The number of flights movements permitted at Schiphol Airport during the next summer season will be 12,400 lower compared to this year, the airport said on Thursday. The limitation will also impact the maximum number of private jet flights.

The figures were released as part of a publication where the airport outlines available capacity from the end of March through the end of October. The reduction in the number of flights is related to the reduced maximum number of flights next year, which will be capped at 460,000.

Schiphol must adhere to this limit beginning in the spring. Currently, the maximum is still 500,000 flights per year.

During the summer season, a maximum of 280,645 aircraft can land and take off from Schiphol in 2024. The share of “small business traffic,” which also includes private flights, will shrink by 40 percent to 12,000.

Of this total, an estimated 7,200 flight movements are allowed to take place during the summer period. That figure is down from 17,000 this year.

Schiphol also said in the capacity declaration that 87 aircraft models will no longer be welcome at the airport. This concerns airplanes that generate a relatively large amount of noise.

“These aircraft types no longer flew to and from Schiphol, and the ban in the capacity declaration now guarantees that they will no longer return,” the airport said. Schiphol Airport to cut 12,400 flight movements next summer

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