Serbian president furious: Australia mistreats Djokovic

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has again lashed out at the Australian authorities, who deprived tennis player Novak Djokovic of his visa for the second time on Friday. Expulsion threatens the world number 1 and there is a huge chance that he will not be able to defend his title at the Australian Open.

“Why are you mistreating him, why are you taking it out not only on him, but also on his family and the entire nation?” fulminated Vucic on social media. Earlier, Vucic called the attempts to keep the unvaccinated Djokovic from entering Australia a “political witch hunt”.

The Serbian president is especially angry with Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, who decided to use his power to revoke Djokovic’s visa. That happened days after a judge in Melbourne decided to approve Djokovic’s medical exemption and release him from the detention center where the tennis player was required to remain.

“If you wanted to ban Novak Djokovic from winning his tenth trophy in Melbourne, why didn’t you send him back immediately? Why didn’t you tell him it’s impossible to get a visa?” Vucic added on Instagram. “Novak, we’re behind you!”

Djokovic has yet to appeal against the withdrawal of his visa. The 34-year-old tennis player will have to stay in detention again from Saturday morning. He is expected to report at 8 a.m. The case will be continued later on Saturday morning Australian time. Djokovic will be heard by federal court at 10:15 a.m. local time. The government has agreed that the 20-time grand slam champion will not be expelled from the country until the hearing ends.

Serbian president furious: Australia mistreats Djokovic
Source link Serbian president furious: Australia mistreats Djokovic

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