Sharp criticism of Labor MP Gis van Dijk’s handling of charges

Experts are highly critical of the investigation into alleged misconduct by former PvdA parliamentarian Gijs van Dijk. They called the investigation “tedious” and “needless” and were surprised that Labor would draw such harsh conclusions from the report. Ien Vanderg report.

Gis Van Dyke Resigned as PvdA Member of Parliament on February 8 This year, he received an allegation of misconduct. PvdA has commissioned his Bezemer & Schubad from the Integrity Office to investigate. The report was published in June. PvdA chairman Esther-Mirjam Sent called the findings “serious” and said he “doesn’t want Gijs van Dijk in a position to represent his PvdA in the next four years”.

But according to Marjane Olfers, a professor of law, and Rob van Abergen, a professor of organizational integrity, the investigation was entirely too subjective. There was too much focus on the feelings of the person who accused him and too little on the objective facts. The rebuttals are flawed, the conclusions are vague and the assessment framework unclear, he told EenVandaag, the professors said.

The Bezemer & Schubad report concludes: As noted on the party’s website, PvdA interpreted this as follows:

Ven Eijbergen called it amazing. “The party states on its website that Gis van Dijk has committed an offense, but based on the soft conclusion of the investigation, I disagree.”

PvdA told EenVandaag that the conclusion that Van Dyke committed an offense can be drawn from Bezemer and Schuberd’s reports. Bezemer & Schubad will not respond to program questions regarding this survey.

Van Dyck’s attorney, Christiaan Alberdink-Timm, demanded the immediate release of Bezemer and Schuberd’s report. “Gijs has nothing to hide,” the lawyer told the show. He said he doesn’t understand that only the client (in this case he is PvdA) can view the report. “All case law is open to the public. Not without reason. In this way case law can be checked and verified. Sharp criticism of Labor MP Gis van Dijk’s handling of charges

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