Shopping carts thunder online in the top 10

The 250 largest online stores in the Netherlands achieved 45 percent more turnover in the past corona year. Supermarkets such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Picnic in particular performed above average online. The number of grocery deliverers in the top 10 largest web shops has increased from two to four.

In the Twinkle100, an annual list of the largest internet shops in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn is in third place after and Coolblue, as the supermarket with the most online sales. In 2020, turnover increased by 80 percent to more than 1.2 billion euros. Competitor Jumbo is in seventh place and gained 44 percent in turnover.

Online shopping services Picnic and HelloFresh are new in the top 10. Last year, those companies were 11 and 20 respectively. Crisp – a relative newcomer – also saw its sales increase sevenfold in one year (to 105 million euros) and is now in 38th place.

Laurens Sloot, professor of Entrepreneurship and Retail, is surprised that the online supermarkets have grown so enormously in the past year. “After all, it was precisely the supermarkets that remained open during the lockdowns. But then a lot of people discovered online shopping. In 2020 the market share of online in food grew from 3.5 to 7 percent. Now you can see it dropping slightly again. , because especially vaccinated elderly people now dare to go to the physical store again.”

‘No euro profit’

Incidentally, the online supermarkets still do not make a euro profit, says Sloot in the NOS Radio 1 Journaal. “It is still a drama. All those systems are still loss-making. But yes, nobody wants to miss that turnover. So nobody pulls the plug. Also because online sales are expected to continue to grow to 10 percent in 2025 and 15 percent in 2030. The supermarkets are also betting that they will eventually be able to charge delivery costs or slightly higher prices for the products on the internet.”

And what about sustainability? “Well, like Picnic does, for example – supplying twelve customers in two hours – the footprint saves 30 percent if you compare that with the alternative: that twelve people drive back and forth to the supermarket. There is only one thing: if those people instead of going back to the supermarket to visit their aunt in Dokkum, the footprint is of course a completely different story, so they have to stay at home on the couch.”

Other hard risers

Sellers of flowers and plants also had a strong year. Intratuin’s online turnover thus increased fivefold. Companies that sell furniture and other items for home decoration achieved an average 92 percent increase in turnover.

There were also companies that grew less rapidly than the rest. Several clothing brands had relatively modest growth last year.

Shopping carts thunder online in the top 10
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