Simone Kleinsma: ‘I am quickly forgotten’ | Stars

“That will happen, you can’t do anything about it,” says the singer and actress. “It makes a difference if you’ve made a lot of records. People like Robert Long, Wim Sonneveld or Toon Hermans are still played quite a lot. But I don’t. At some point I will turn to dust.”

The 63-year-old artist will be touring after the summer with her new performance Verder. In this performance she looks back on the death of her husband, director Guus Verstraete, and the various phases she has gone through since then. “After 31 years you have to look for the person you were before you shared life with someone,” says Kleinsma. “That you think: how did I do all those things before Guus arrived?”


His office has now become her office. “I forced myself to get rid of things, to make room. That is very confronting: you suddenly find clothes, books and notes. But this step is necessary. That past will always remain in my heart.”

It will not be a very heavy performance, Kleinsma says. “I also found out how strong I actually am: I continued anyway. The show should also offer hope and comfort and color. Every night there will be someone in the room who has been through something just like me. I will play for them that evening.”

Simone Kleinsma: ‘I am quickly forgotten’ | Stars
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