Six lockdown habits we’ll ever miss

2020 is not a good year, we can say that. And now, with the lockdown over the holidays, it is all one big disappointment. But no matter how much we complain, one day we will miss the habits we learned during the lockdown again.

1. Pants on? no, it is not

Even if you sit in your pajamas all day long: no one sees, no one who cares. You can safely sit at your desk in your home suit all day long, or even lie on the couch with your laptop on your stomach. Imagine having to wear skinny jeans to work or heels every day. Now you can get away with a neat shirt, blouse or jacket during your virtual meetings. Except of course if you work in construction or in healthcare.

2. Done with FOMO

A drink here, a party there: before the pandemic, your agenda probably burst at the seams. First work for eight hours, then a work drink and then on to a house party of a friend of yours. You end up in bed in the middle of the night. With a big hangover as a result, the next day. You can of course always say no if someone invites you to a party, but then FOMO strikes. Everyone is there, except you. Now nothing is allowed and is possible, so you don’t miss anything. And those virtual drinks… you can often miss them.

3. Don’t waste time at the supermarket

Busy, busy, busy, and then after work after the supermarket. Everyone does that, so it was always super busy. But now you can have your groceries delivered to your home at almost any supermarket. Often that costs about three euros, but then you also have something. You no longer have to join the queue at the supermarket and you will sigh and moan because it takes so long. In addition, it is now much more accepted to order your groceries.

4. Have a good night’s sleep

Your alarm clock at 6:30 every day, then take a shower, get ready and then travel to work for half an hour? Certainly not. Now you set your alarm 10 to 15 minutes before you actually have to start, you snooze a little longer and you are sitting at your laptop for breakfast right on time. If you’re back on a crowded train at 8:30 in the morning sitting in the office for 8 hours in a year, you will definitely miss this.

5. You have more time for your family and friends

An advantage of working from home and an advantage of sitting at home for a while: you have more time for your friends and family. Of course you shouldn’t invite your whole family to visit, but you can of course make a lot of phone calls or take a walk together. Also, make an effort to call or text someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. They are probably very happy with that. And if you live with your partner and kids, or maybe even friends, you can spend a lot more quality time with them.

6. Kissing three times is a thing of the past

Almost at the start of the corona pandemic, in March, handshaking, three kisses or a ‘hi, how are you?’ Hug were banned. Reason for joy for a huge number of people in the Netherlands. No more every time you see someone ‘hey’ * smack * ‘how’ * smack * ‘goes’ * smack * ‘it?’. Who knows, that will ever come back, but we can also agree that we just won’t do that anymore, right?

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Six lockdown habits we’ll ever miss

Six lockdown habits we'll ever miss
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