Some mitigations announced and curfew extended

At a press conference on February 23, Deputy Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jongge announced further relaxation of some coronavirus countermeasures, but most of the curfew and restrictions (at least). ) Confirmed to be valid until March 15th.

Dutch coronavirus press conference

Almost exactly a year after the first case of coronavirus was reported in the Netherlands, according to Rutte, the Netherlands was “on the road to a better era” with more freedom and less restrictions. .. But he said again that the country is likely to be heading for what experts call the inevitable third wave.

He acknowledged that restrictions are (yet) necessary, but the economic and psychological consequences of various restrictions are only increasing. Therefore, he said, the Cabinet took some risks and felt it was time to relax regulations in some countries.

Some relaxation for schools and hairdressers

As widely expected, Rutte has announced some long-awaited relaxation for Dutch secondary schools and contact professions:

  • Partial reopening of secondary and special schools (March 1)
  • Team sports for everyone under the age of 27 (March 3)
  • Contact your profession (ie beautician) to resume work (March 3)
  • Shop to open for appointment (March 3)

At a previous press conference, Rutte announced that elementary schools and day care centers would reopen. Secondary schools are now given similar freedom and can be partially reopened. Students attend face-to-face classes 1-2 days a week and take some safety precautions. In addition to this, outdoor team sporting activities will be resumed for everyone under the age of 27.

The hairdresser will reopen next week, but strict health and safety measures must be adhered to. For example, health checks are performed before / on arrival and the salon can only accept appointments (not carry-on). In this relaxation, when a beautician, tattoo artist, driving instructor, etc. returns to work, other contact professions will resume. Brothels will remain closed for the time being.

Finally, the non-essential stores were also given some additional freedom. After the press conference on February 2, they were allowed to open for clicking and collecting. If you make a reservation 4 hours before March 3rd, you will be able to shop with your reservation. You can enter up to 2 people at a time.

Semi-lockdown has been extended until March 24th

The Dutch government seems to be trying to allow more freedom in the Netherlands, but for the time being it has decided to put more restrictions. The following restrictions are in effect (at least) until March 15th.

  • Curfew from 9 pm to 4:30 am
  • All bars, restaurants and cafes are closed (takeout available)
  • Coffee shop closed (takeout until 8 pm)
  • Banned sale of alcohol after 8 pm
  • University is closed
  • The museum is closed
  • The cinema is closed
  • The zoo is closed
  • The theater is closed
  • Casino is closed
  • The theme park is closed
  • Public swimming pool and sauna are closed
  • Gym and other indoor sports facilities are closed
  • The library is closed (open for pick-up)
  • Brothel is closed
  • Maximum of 1 person per day (excluding children under 13 years old)
  • Maximum when outside. Group size of 2 people (if not from the same household)
  • Stay at home, work from home, and limit travel as much as possible
  • If you are symptomatic, stay home
  • Prohibition of all events (except demo)
  • Please do not travel abroad
  • Wear a mask in all indoor public areas and public transport

The government will review Dutch regulations and the status of the coronavirus over the next few weeks, and the next press conference is scheduled for March 8.

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Some mitigations announced and curfew extended

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