Soon you can (probably) decide on WhatsApp who will see your online status | Tech

Chat app WhatsApp is testing a new privacy setting that allows you to determine who can see your online status. This gives you more control over who can monitor your online behavior.

WhatsApp has long had the option of turning your online status on or off. If the option is enabled, all your contacts will see when you last opened the app. Turn the option off, and it’s suddenly unclear when you were last online.

A new online status setting is in a test version of the app, the website WABetaInfo noted. This allows you to make exceptions to the setting: you then share your online status, but not with your boss or an annoying ex.

The option can be set for individual contacts. You then choose the people who are not allowed to view your online status in your address list. This also has a downside: if you hide your online status from someone, you can no longer see when that person was last online.

Not yet final

The setting is not yet in the final version of the app. Because it is a test, it is also unclear whether WhatsApp will implement the change definitively. The company may choose not to introduce this for everyone after the test period.

The option is still hidden in the WhatsApp test app, according to WABetaInfo. They have already been able to activate the hidden adjustment in the software code via a trick.

WhatsApp for iPad coming

New features for WhatsApp are often hidden in the company’s test software. For example, new information recently leaked out about the iPad version of WhatsApp, which seems to have been in development for years.

Sometimes it’s also about smaller functions that are on the way. WhatsApp, for example, is now testing new chat bubbles, which are slightly rounder than the original text blocks.

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Soon you can (probably) decide on WhatsApp who will see your online status | Tech
Source link Soon you can (probably) decide on WhatsApp who will see your online status | Tech

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