Special envoy will advise acute corona care Suriname

Advice vaccination operation

In addition, Sprenger will advise on site about the vaccination operation and the establishment of a Prevention Authority. At the end of July he will leave for Suriname for a maximum of 3 months at the special request of the Surinamese president Santokhi. The mission is carried out from the Dutch-Surinamese cooperation program Makandra.

Better care for COVID patients

Sprenger’s advisory process will consist of three parts. First, Sprenger’s advice serves to provide better care for COVID patients and to improve collaboration between hospitals and the distribution of medicines and devices.

Increase vaccination rate

In addition, Sprenger’s advice to increase the vaccination rate in Suriname serves to reduce the pressure on healthcare. To this end, he will improve the provision of information about vaccinations, support the plan to vaccinate residents in the interior of Suriname and analyze the vaccine need and stimulate the delivery of vaccines.

Development trajectory for Surinamese Prevention Authority

The third part of the mission consists of advising on the development process to establish a Surinamese Prevention Authority. To this end, he will map out what is needed to set up this Prevention Authority and make proposals for improving, for example, the Outbreak Management Team, the microbiological laboratories and collaboration with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

‘Fighting coronavirus across borders’

Minister Hugo de Jonge of Health, Welfare and Sport: ‘We also have to fight the corona virus across borders. That is why we are happy to assist other countries in containing outbreaks of the virus. We do this by donating medical devices, personal protective equipment and vaccines, but also by sharing our knowledge and experience internationally.’

Past mission

In June, Marc Sprenger, as special envoy, presided over a mission to combat the corona medical emergency in Suriname. The mission consisted of the deployment of a medical team and a donation of vaccines, medical oxygen and personal protective equipment.

Physician microbiologist and epidemiologist

Sprenger is a medical microbiologist and epidemiologist by background and has worked as director general of RIVM, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and at the WHO in Geneva. He has also recently been involved in the fight against the corona virus in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

Special envoy will advise acute corona care Suriname
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