Specialized travel agencies deplore South Africa flight ban

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The imposed no-fly zone for countries in southern Africa means another “blow blow” for specialized travel agencies. The Association of Small-scale Travel Organizations (VvKR) says in a response that it regrets the “panic” surrounding the ban. Members of VvKR say the situation is similar to last year. “It is a pity that no lessons have been learned from that.”

According to the VvKR, the term no-fly zone causes “a lot of unnecessary unrest” among travel companies and their customers. “People with a Dutch passport can fly to the Netherlands. The same applies to people from EU and Schengen countries who are in transit to the country where they live,” said a spokesman for the VvKR.

The organization points out that the travel industry has still not recovered from the problems last year, when the market collapsed due to flight bans and other restrictions. “Providers to distant destinations in particular are having a hard time, especially the small-scale travel specialists who run their business from home. They have been the victims for almost two years because they did not receive government support and it is highly questionable whether that will happen now,” said VvKR.

One condition for, for example, support for fixed costs is that the business and home address must differ. There were exceptions for a number of sectors, such as driving schools and operators of fairground attractions. VvKR chairman Ton Brinkman had previously indicated that 80 percent of the approximately 400 members miss out on support for fixed costs. This week he again urged political parties in The Hague that this should be done differently.

Specialized travel agencies deplore South Africa flight ban
Source link Specialized travel agencies deplore South Africa flight ban

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