Spokesman Sionkerk Urk compares journalists with SS men and terrorists

“The SS acted more friendly in the war. We were not dealing with journalists yesterday, but with terrorists,” said spokesman and elder Wessel Snoek of the Sionkerk in an interview with De Stentor. In it he responds to the mistreatment of a journalist in Urk on Sunday morning.

The church board does not blame itself and is considering filing a complaint against journalists who were in Urk on Sunday morning to report. They were there because the church opened its doors to hundreds of visitors, while the cabinet is calling for a maximum of thirty people to be gathered.

According to Snoek, the journalists were looking for a sensation and they themselves violated the corona rules. The man who ran into a journalist would be nothing to blame. “The journalist himself took a step forward and touched the car.”

A motorist ran into a reporter from Omroep PowNed who was standing in a parking space on Sunday morning. He was also deliberately coughed on his neck and three kicks in his lower body.

Mieras Church

Reverend Anthonie Kort of the Mieraskerk in Krimpen aan den IJssel also shows understanding for the violence against journalists. This can be heard in his sermon on Sunday evening, which was put online by the Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente Krimpen.

A journalist from regional broadcaster Rijnmond was hit and kicked by a 43-year-old from Krimpen on Sunday morning when he asked churchgoers about their visit to the Mieras Church.

“We have had to deal with things this morning that we can understand when we are always harassed and tormented, when unrest happens,” Kort said in his sermon. “Around your church, putting the flames to oppress your church in a bad light.”

The church board of the Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente, which owns the Mieraskerk, apologized for the violence after the incident. It is not known how the board views the words of Reverend Kort.

‘People are dying from vaccines’

In an earlier sermon, the pastor also elaborates on the corona virus, Rijnmond reports. Short said Thursday in an online sermon that virologists are “modern day fortune tellers and wizards.” He also said that “a lot of people die from vaccination”.

Briefly called on the churchgoers to listen to God. “We owe obedience to the government, but if the government deviates, all we have to do is listen to God.”

According to him, the government would also endanger the country. “That the whole of our country has been endangered by the government because of infections that break out. That many people die from the vaccination. That death is brought in and despite it is known that it is happening, that this is not prevented. We are not safe with that. this government. “

Community service or fine

The Krimpenaar who attacked the journalist for the Mieras Church was arrested on Sunday morning. He was released again on Sunday evening. The man will soon have to answer to the public prosecutor. He can impose community service and a fine.

Three men have been arrested for the violence against the journalist in Urk. The 35-year-old man suspected of being run into the journalist was arrested on Sunday evening. He is suspected of attempted assault and is still in custody. Today, two Urkers aged 26 and 28 reported to the police for assault. They are in jail for questioning.

Spokesman Sionkerk Urk compares journalists with SS men and terrorists
Source link Spokesman Sionkerk Urk compares journalists with SS men and terrorists

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