Staff enjoys busy terraces in Roermond

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In Roermond, Limburg, it is pleasantly busy now that the shops have reopened. The catering industry also opened on Saturday. Judging by the crowds on the terraces, the public has a need for this. The staff also looked forward to the moment when it could get back to work. “It’s great that I can work here again! I missed this very much!”, says employee Sebi of Brownies & Downies at Munsterplein in Roermond.

On Saturday he was allowed to help guests in the business again after weeks of mainly daytime activities. Now he can alternate it with work in the hospitality industry. Sebi has been working there since it opened seven years ago. It was still quiet around noon on Saturday. “I hope people are sensible and don’t come en masse”, says Sebi’s supervisor, manager Ton Walraven.

That is different at brasserie ve’Koch. “Full house!”. Manager Raijmond Reijnders gestures broadly to the terrace in front of his business. Anyone who wants to take a seat must first show them a QR code. “I expected this,” Reijnders says happily.

City guards meanwhile walk through the shopping heart of Roermond, but do not intervene in anything. The same goes for some police officers patrolling the city. “I don’t think enforcement will issue warnings,” Reijnders says hopefully.

The Saturday helpers in the Munsterhof eatery also confirm that they missed work. “Everyone is delighted to see each other again,” one of them says. “Finally we can do something again!” adds another, while colleagues walk back and forth with fully loaded serving trays. “It’s really nice to be among people again.”

Owner René Middel van Munsterhof said that it is not only the job that binds his staff to the business, but also the social environment. “Today we will make it a pleasant day of protest,” he says. “Tomorrow we will switch back to the to-go principle with pain in our hearts.”

Staff enjoys busy terraces in Roermond
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