‘Steps taken, but insufficient’: reactions to climate summit differ

Federal Climate Minister Zakia Khattabi (Ecolo) described the agreement as “imperfect”. “It is a compromise between 197 states, but it contains the foundations for more ambitious policies. It is now up to all regions and states to assume their responsibilities. For my part, I choose to look to the future and use the agreement for more ambition and concrete action, in the interest of everyone, today and tomorrow, here and elsewhere.”

For Meyrem Almaci, chairman of Groen, the agreement is downright disappointing. “No ‘Paris moment’ in Glasgow. Steps have been made, but not enough,” she wrote on Twitter. Almaci regrets that the text of the agreement was watered down in the last minutes on coal.

Peter Wittoeck, chief negotiator of the Belgian delegation, confirms that China and India requested last minute adjustments to the ambition to “phase out” coal. “But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that there is no phasing out. Yesterday, I hope, it was too early for India and China to put that down on paper. In the long run it just has to happen. If we want to go to zero emissions by the middle of the century, it is inevitable.” Wittoeck is pleased that from now on the objectives and progress will be politically reviewed every year. This is necessary to ultimately limit average global warming to 1.5 degrees, he says. “Because with what is now on the table, we are even closer to 3 degrees.”

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Alok Sharma, who chaired all public sessions for two weeks as chair of the climate summit, said Glasgow “has made history”. After the climate summit, Sharma congratulated the delegations present on the victory. “This is real progress in keeping 1.5 degrees within reach,” said Sharma. Moments later, however, the visibly emotional chairman said that he was “deeply sorry” for the way in which the summit had gone. “I understand the deep disappointment, but it is imperative that we protect the rest of the deal.”

Our fragile planet is hanging by a thread and we are on the verge of a climate disaster, said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. He said that while progress had been made at COP26, he stressed that it was “not enough”. Guterres concluded with a message of “hope and determination” for young people, indigenous communities, women leaders and all who fight for climate action. “I know many of you are disappointed, but the path of progress is not always a straight line. Sometimes there are diversions. Sometimes there are ditches.”

‘Steps taken, but insufficient’: reactions to climate summit differ
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