STER will deploy Loeki de Leeuw more widely | TV

“Loeki’s return to television has proven that he is still immensely popular,” says the spokeswoman. “We are busy making new films in which he performs. We are also investigating how we can further deploy Loeki on social media.”

It has even been considered to use Loeki on the radio stations. “We have recently introduced the STAR vote there as a change,” explains the spokeswoman. “For the time being, we are deploying Loeki visually. Although we do not rule out that such a step will be reconsidered in the future.” In the eighties, record stores also contained LPs and cassette tapes with stories about Loeki’s adventures.

Signature action

The popular lion made his comeback earlier this year during major events such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the summer of sports. The STER took this decision after a petition from the NPO Radio 2 program Jan-Willem Start up! was signed by many tens of thousands of people. The return turned out so well that Loeki has been on television again since this summer.

The cuddly lion interrupted the STER commercials between 1972 and 2004. Often something went wrong in the films, whereby Loeki invariably shouted ‘asjemenou’. In total, more than 7000 films have been made about Loeki. The STER stopped making films in 2004 because it became too expensive to make them.

STER will deploy Loeki de Leeuw more widely | TV
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