Strikes at metal companies again –

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Employees from the metal and technology sector will go on strike again on Friday. Trade union FNV has announced strikes at companies in the region around Arnhem and Nijmegen. Employees are expected to stop working for 24 hours.

Recently, several strikes have taken place in different regions across the country. Hundreds of people took part each time. The strikers are fighting for a good wage increase, among other things. The employees are also concerned about the many vacancies. “We will continue to press for a good and contemporary collective labor agreement”, union negotiator Jacqie van Stigt said.

There will also be a strike on Monday. Then it is the turn of the Drenthe region. An FNV director there finds it bizarre that the employers have come up with unattractive proposals. “In Drenthe, too, we are desperate for professionals. For example, young people will really not opt ​​for a job in Metal & Technology.”

Nearly 320,000 people are covered by the Collective Labor Agreement Metal & Technology, which applies to employees of companies in the small metal industry, the installation and insulation sector, bodywork construction and gold and silversmiths. That is a total of about 28,000 companies. The Federation of Employers’ Organizations for Technology (FWT), which conducts the negotiations on behalf of the employers, has already stated several times that it regrets the actions. According to the employers, the demands of the unions are too high.

Strikes at metal companies again –
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