‘Subsidized Dutch solar parks built from’ wrong ‘Chinese panels’

Solar parks in the Netherlands that are built with government money consist of panels from Chinese companies accused of using the Uyghur Muslim minority in the country for forced labor, the FD writes.

The newspaper is based on major American research that allegedly shows that forced labor is used on a large scale in the Chinese raw materials industry. Almost all major Chinese solar panel manufacturers have contracts with these suspected raw material suppliers.

An important raw material for solar panels, polysilicon, comes mainly from the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, where the Uyghur Muslim minority is oppressed. The raw material comes from sand and is needed to convert sunlight into electricity. Many raw materials for the clothing and food industry also come from Xinjiang.

Solar parks

According to the FD, suspicious Chinese brands have also been sold on the Dutch market. The Dutch solar energy sector therefore demands clarity. In a response to the newspaper, three wholesalers say they are aware of the allegations and want to investigate further.

According to the FD, no records are kept of which brand of solar panel is used when installing solar parks in the Netherlands. It is easy to find out that ‘wrong’ solar panels have been used in subsidized projects in Almelo, Oosterhout and Anna Paulowna, among others, according to the newspaper. In the past year, nearly 4.5 billion euros in government support went to solar power.

There is also commotion around the subject in Sweden and the United States; the US is considering stopping all imports of solar panels from the area.


A majority of the Dutch House of Representatives ruled in February that China’s way of dealing with the Uyghurs should be called genocide.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs did not want to respond to the FD on the news that government money has been used.

NOS on 3 about the latest developments regarding the Uyghurs in China:

‘Subsidized Dutch solar parks built from’ wrong ‘Chinese panels’
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