Sunweb travel to orange areas allowed: these are the rules

From Wednesday 4 August, Sunweb customers can decide for themselves whether they want to travel to an orange destination. At the moment it is not yet possible to travel to an orange country with Sunweb. But after much controversy, that is about to change.

A few days ago, Sunweb decided to cancel flights to orange countries such as Spain and Portugal until at least July 30. This decision received many negative reactions from travelers who saw their trip fall into the water. Sunweb continues her travels with a number of rules.

Travel at your own risk

According to CEO Mattijs Ten Brink, the reactions led to this decision: “After last week the Spanish islands, Cyprus and Portugal received code orange, we noticed that more than half of our customers really want to leave to go on their well-deserved holiday. to enjoy. That is why we want to leave the choice of going on holiday with our customers from now on.”

Sunweb’s choice is entirely in line with the guidelines of the General Dutch Association of Travel Companies (ANVR). This organization believes that the traveler should be able to decide for himself whether he wants to travel to an orange area at his own risk.

Sunweb takes care of traveler in case of contamination

Customers can therefore travel to orange areas again, but if they change their mind, they are still entitled to compensation. Sunweb customers who do not want to travel to orange countries can rebook for free within fourteen days, or receive a full refund. This applies to both existing and new bookings.

According to Ten Brink, Sunweb takes care if a traveler tests positive for Corona: “We will arrange the quarantine, taking into account the local measures, and we will bear the costs for a possible longer stay and flight back home.” Sunweb remains strict for areas with a very high risk, a red area. “If the destination has a quarantine obligation, has code red or if there are new corona variants at the destination, we will not carry out the holiday.”

Free quick test at destination

According to Ten Brink, Sunweb customers must take extra measures at their destination if they are not yet fully vaccinated, such as rapid tests. Sunweb bears the costs for this. “Before you board the plane to the Netherlands, you must – if you are not fully vaccinated – take a corona test at the destination. The current rapid tests that the Dutch government is currently requesting are organised, facilitated and paid for by us.” Which test must be done differs per destination. That is why it is very important that every traveler carefully considers the rules of his destination area before his trip.

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Sunweb travel to orange areas allowed again: these are the rules of the game

Sunweb travel to orange areas allowed: these are the rules
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